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Pre Wedding Photography – The New Trend of the New Age

Pre Wedding Photography is one of the Latest trends in Photography. A couple gets a photography done by a Professional Photographer.  Here the Photographer gives different  by showcasing his creativity for the C

Monsoon Pre Wedding Shoot

ouples to have close memorable Pictures.

Although the trend is a Western Idea, it does suits to all types of culture.  Once a wedding has been decided times run fast. And it becomes difficult for couples to have enough time to have Conversation with each other. Although a hotel visit or a cup of coffee in a café can does have their own benefits. But Pre Wedding Shoot gives a different kind of feeling before the actual mood of the wedding

. Here the photographer makes the Couple comfortable with Each other preparing them for the Final Wedding Day Wherein they get comfortable with each other in taking Photos. In a Pre Wedding Shoot the Couples get more comfortable with each other and understand each other’s preferences.


Usually the shoot is done in a Hilly location, a Farm House or Scenic Location which is decided by the couple or the photographer will give suggestion for the locations which best suits for them. Before the Wedding event the Photography is carried out at any location as per choice.